2018 Blog

2018 Blog

August 2018

Our annual ram sale started with one of the worst dust storms of the year, but finished with an inch (25mm) of rain.

Top priced O’Brien Dohne Ram purchased by Simon Patterson (Streaky Bay). L to R: Darren O’Brien, Bill Sargent (Landmark), Scrub O’Brien (FPAG), Neil Kirk (Elders), Simon Patterson, Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien

Top priced O’Brien Poll Merino $4500, was purchased by the Mullan Family. L to R: Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien, Darren O’Brien, Jake Mullan, Damien Mullan, Bill Sargent (Landmark) and Brian (Bushy) Eiseman (FPAG)


July 2018

A good crowd turned out for the EP Merino Expo.

Darren with Andrew Polkinghorne


June 2018

Our sire Ridgway Advance 150103 performed well in the SA Sire Evaluation. It topped the evaluation for Yearling Weight and most classed TOPS, despite challenging seasonal conditions. Almost 3kg heavier than the average of sire groups and almost 2kg heavier than the next heaviest sire group.

Read about the day: SA Sire Evaluation Field Day Booklet 2018

Placard from SA Sire Day [blue shading means sire was in top 3]

Davon and David Ridgway, with Darren


March 2018

March has been a busy time for sheep work with Ian Bradtke scanning rams for eye muscle and fat. The ram lambs have been shorn, with some good wool weights despite the lack of feed.

Mick (Black) Sampson shearing

A premiership to Kyancutta A Grade Cricket!

Kyancutta A Grade Team


February 2018

We undertook some mouldboard ploughing on some of our sand hills. Some great results with clay being brought up.

We visited the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project Site at Harrow. See the Stock and Land article for a few more details : Stock and Land Article

January 2018

We have been busy fencing this month – photos of when the job is complete!

The rams got their first taste of the sorghum we planted in late 2017.

Australia Day we attended the Wudinna District Council Australia Day Celebrations where Kaye O’Brien (Darren’s Mum) was honoured with a Special Commendation Award.