2019 Blog


Jodie, Ned Loades (Principal Wudinna Area School) and Darren

Darren and Jodie were awarded the Rowan Ramsety MP School Community Award for a significant contribution to the promotion of Agricultural Studies at Wudinna Area School, providing educations opportunities and hands on experience in workplace practices.

Classings Classic – Ram 180510

O’Brien Merino Ram 180510 Sold $4500 to Chelwood Farming, Mid North

August – Ram Sale

O’Brien Poll Merino top priced ram Lot 19 $7000 buyers DJ &WY Murphy & Sons.

Spud Murphy, Natalie Clark – Landmark, Darren O’Brien, Scrub O’Brien – FPAG, Kane Murphy holding son Arli and Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien

O’Brien Dohne Merino top priced rams Lots 87 and 92 $3200, buyers JH McKenna & Sons and Morgan Ag

Natalie Clark – Landmark, Lyndon Morgan, Darren Morgan, Scrub O’Brien – FPAG, Darren O’Brien, Ty McKenna holding son Cooper, Henry McKenna holding great granddaughter Nahla and Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien


A few pictures from the ram sale – thanks to all the helpers on the day, our nieces – Regan and Emerson, nephews – Saxon and Balyn, Peter and Kaye, Wade, Jack and Wen. A special thanks to all our clients who support our sale and purchased O’Brien Poll Merino and Dohne Merino rams.


The website has FINALLY been updated….

Going though some photos and came across Photo 1 taken in April 2019, after ripping with inversion plates. Went out and took Photo 2 – July 2019, where the hill was planted to early barley to reduce drift .

Jack our neighbour rang late yesterday afternoon (23/7), he had found an echidna – one of the closest we have had to our house. Got to share the experience with some of the local kids – they too were pretty excited.


We have been fortunate in June to receive 50.5 mm of rain, allowing our Ewes and AI Merino lambs, to get their first green pick – ewes have not seen good in a while. The rams also got out on to some green – and they lined up perfectly for a photo opportunity.

We once again displayed at the EP Merino Pre Sale Expo in Wudinna, with a great line of rams. If you missed seeing us and want to have a pre sale inspection – give Darren a call to organise a time.


In May it rained, we were wondering if it knew how – a welcome 60 mm for the month – we finally saw some puddles and had rainfall in double figures (measured in mm not points).


We sadly said farewell to Harry, one of kelpies but we welcomed Jake – who loved marking lambs.


March saw plenty of sheep work, including shearing once again. We have been blown away with wind – which saw plenty of dust storms and has created some unique sculptures.

Darren’s niece Regan made a fitting cake for Darren.


Dogs and the Hamilton Run ram lamb purchased at the HR Dispersal Sale were friends on this day – think it was too hot to fight.

January 2019

Darren found a baby Earless Dragon (identified by Jodie’s ecologist friend Sally O’Neill). We thought it was a special ‘find’ until the neighbours found one a few days later.