2020 Blog


Our O’Brien Poll Merino and Dohne Merino sale was held 30 July 2020 at Wudinna Show Grounds – what a beautiful sunny day. A few snaps from our sale.

Top priced O’Brien Poll Merino sold to Bilyana Park, Kyancutta and top priced O’Brien Dohne Merino sold to Omaroo Ag, Kyancutta.

Thanks to all who supported our ninth sale.


Preparation is well underway for our Annual Ram Sale – 30 July 2020 at Wudinna Show Groounds, and we are also having on property inspection 13 July 2020 @ 22897 Eyre Highway, Kyancutta. Need more directions send us a text and we will give you more info or send you a map.

Reserve Ram 190455 has been a stand out since February, he has a deep wide body, wide back end, and feet that are perfect. He looks like his ASVBs but with an ugly head. He has a long stapled bold crimping wool, he also has a twin brother 190490 (Lot 5) who has a bit better wool and a bit less growth. Their mother is a South Rose ewe bought as a lamb 141790 (the only one we have left) came back in, in November after raising these two with a mating weight of 115 kg. Sire is Brookdale 014012. Looking forward to see what he leaves around.

JUNE BW 125.5 kg FD 18.8; SD 2.8; CV 14.8; CURV 75.8; CF 99.5


May has been dry, and the crops and pastures would love a good drink. The road builders (Mark Candy and team) arrived – we have upgraded a few tracks around the farm – less sand/bog holes and corrugations.

Preparations are underway for our Annual Ram Sale on Thursday 30th July; and we are having an on property inspection day Monday 13th July, buyers are welcome to inspect at any time – give Darren a call 0419 772 173.

We have been tagging and weighing all our O’Brien Dohne and Poll Merino lambs. we have once again being using SmartShepherd collars to determine maternal pedigree data.


Lamb photos star in our blog this month. The little one on the left thought that the top of the trough was the perfect spot to wait for his mum, so that he could avoid getting wet feet – we had ~25 mm over a few days. We also have some hot weather in April with two lambs cooling off in the trough – with some assistance from Darren.

We also started seeding – a pic of phosphoric acid and our traces and how they react on most of our soils – a bit of fizz.


Cull rams sold to TFI averaged over 35kg dressed, aged 8 – 10 months.


Classing ewe and ram lambs, we were assisted by our dogs Mickie and Jake. I (Jodie) am going to train Jake to work the Trutest indicator – he seems keen enough.


O’Brien Poll Merino and Dohne Merino did muscle and fat scanning of our lambs over a hot couple of days with Ian Bradtke – Lazerline.

We managed to get away for a bit of a break including some fishing. Darren received help from our kelpies Mickie and Jake.