New shearing shed and yard blog

Our new shearing shed (based on AWI design) has been a long time in the planning and has taken some time to be built, but is finished – still final touches to the yards to come.

Original shed and yards

The original shearing shed was 4 stand raised board which was reconfigured from what was originally a 2 stand shed built in 1980.

The delivery of the shed

Shed delivery finally came from Magnus, took a few trucks to deliver – and that was only the shed!

Demolishing the interior of the old shed

The old interior took some demolishing. Still have some hard wood grating for sale.

Building phase

The building of the new shearing shed and undercover yards took some time around ram sale, harvest and then seeding. Shed was constructed by Frankie Male and his team!

Fit out of shearing shed

The new shearing shed board, raised board, 4 stand was fitted into the old shearing shed which was gutted and the new extension. Kynan Little from EP Carpenters did the fit out.

Hind sight – knock the old shed down and start from scratch.

Finished shed

The shearing shed is finally finished….

Building yards

After must consideration including visiting a number of other properties to look at yard design and construction we decided on Brazen yards sourced from Lienert Engineering at Kimba.

The design is Darren’s own including dual classing race, and a dedicated area and race for our handler and auto drafter. We also purchased a concrete mixer bucket for our loader – a great investment for our shed building but does a great job mixing lime, salt and trace elements for our sheep too.

Shearing in the new shed

The first shearing in the new shed took place January 2022.